Prayer for the Sick through the Intercession of Catherine

God of Love and Mercy
you inspired Catherine McAuley
to serve your Son
by responding to the needs of her time.
Moved by her care for the sick,
we ask that through her prayers
you reach out with your healing love and restore


to full health.
We ask this in complete confidence
through Jesus Christ, your Son.

Venerable Catherine, Pray for her/him/them


O beloved Catherine, through the power of my most compassionate
Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,
I humbly beseech you to look with love and pity on N……………
who is ill at this time.
Stir up in me the same passion
that impelled you to respond to the needs of your time.
Bless me with the sure knowledge of your presence
and with a complete trust in your providence.
Use once again your spirit of compassion
and your ardent desire to alleviate suffering
and to restore her/him to full health if it is God's holy will.
I ask this in the name of Jesus who lives and reigns
with the Father in the unity of the Holy Spirit.

Venerable Catherine Pray for her/him/them
Our Lady of Mercy

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