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10th Sept 2021 - Stechford Meet Again !

Stechford Sisters of Mercy and Associates met for the first time since lockdown on Tuesday 24th August 2021. It was wonderful to meet again after such a long time and enjoy a good ‘catch-up’. This time we met in the Parish Room rather than in the Sisters House, to allow for ‘elbow room’ (social distancing).

We began the evening with a ‘welcome cup of tea’, Sisters led us in a prayer and Sister Maureen read an extract from a letter written by Catherine McAuley to Sister M Francis Warde on the 25th April 1838.

“The Bazaar, all summed up after expenses, we will have about forty-five pounds; very unlike past days. Mrs Sullivan has given up, and almost all the Protestants. Mr Maher was the best purchaser – everyone tormented him.

Poor Sister Gertrude (Jones) made a carpet five yards square which cost us £10.00; cloth cut in various colours and patterns. One ticket only was sold. I suppose we are done (i.e. finished) with Bazaars.”

In the spirit of Catherine McAuley, we discussed the one item on our Agenda this evening: ‘Corpus Christi Church Building Project’. With the help of others, a Parish Fayre is being arranged for Sunday 12th September to raise funds for this important project. Please God the weather will be favourable on the day. It was nice to know that way back in 1838 our Foundress was also busy fundraising.



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