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11th Feb 2018 - Service of Commitment Celebration in Coolock, Newcastle under Lyme

Updated: Jun 14, 2018

Service of Commitment Celebration in Coolock, Newcastle under Lyme

Wednesday 4th February saw over 30 Mercy Associates renew their commitment in two separate meetings and three new members make theirs for the first time.

Sister Bridie welcomed us all to Coolock and led us in the opening prayer...

"Jesus, we come before you today to ask you to renew us in your Spirit that we may be formed and reformed in God's likeness.

May we continue to grow in the faith that has been nurtured in us by our parents and others and like Catherine be apostles of Mercy to those we are in contact with in our day to day living.

We make our prayer through Christ, our Lord. Amen."

Our three new members, Mary Chetwin, Pat Cordall and Pat Staff then made their commitment.

Our three new members making their commitment

Our three new Associates were then presented with their badges and certificates by Brid and Maurice Reagan and Noel Hewitt

The Presentation of Gifts

All the Associates then preceded to renew their commitment...

"God of Mercy, we commit ourselves to live lives of love as Associates. Inspired by the person of Catherine, we accept the challenge to live the Gospel of Jesus and to be people of Mercy who are visible in the world today.

Help us to grow in personal prayer and to serve you and your people in collaboration with the Sisters of Mercy.

In a spirit of faith, we seek with the Sisters, to share the gifts and talents you have given us and to discover anew how your loving compassion touches others lives because of our availability and openness to them.

We ask you, Catherine, to walk this journey of faith with us.

Glory to God whose power working in us can do more than we can ask or imagine. Amen."

Grateful thanks go to Sister Bridie and Sister Betty for a wonderful meeting and for providing us with a 'good cup of tea' afterwards making it a truly enjoyable celebration.

Mary Chetwin, Pat Cordall and Pat Staff together with Srs. Bride and Betty cutting their celebration cake



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