11th March 2019 - Lent begins in Coolock

Mercy Associates in Coolock had a wonderful celebration for the start of Lent.

The reflection was the key to your heart and a basket of keys was passed around for each Associate to pick one as a symbol of the reflection itself.

Two of the associates arranged the setting which was a large cross draped with a purple and gold piece of material. A life size crown of thorns was placed on a red cushion near the cross. It was a truly thought provoking and poignant day and an excellent way to start off Lent.

In time honoured fashion the Associates then celebrated with a 'good cup of tea' (or coffee) as well as a biscuit and piece of cake (or two! !)

Sister Bridie Stephens 'holds court'

The associates showing off their new statue of sleeping Saint Joseph.

The Associates 'smell' tea and biscuits