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12th Oct 2019 - Celebrations for Associates in Golborne

St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church, Lowton

On 25th September at 19.00, a mass was said for Fr. Bernard Eager at St Catherine and All Saints Church, Golborne, in the Archdiocese of Liverpool. Fr. Eager is now living at the De La Salle home for retired Brothers.

The members of St Catherine’s and All Saints Mercy Associates spread the news around the deanery as many of the parishioners from St Catherine’s in Lowton now go to other churches its closure. Fr. Eager was parish priest at St Catherine’s for 20 years before his retirement.

There was quite a good number at the mass and the icing on the cake was that Fr. Eager was brought to the mass by his long time friend Laurence Gibson and Brother Shaun. He was very happy to see everyone and after mass, tea, coffee and cakes were served by the parishioners to everyone in attendance.

Fr.Eager was very happy and enjoyed chatting to everyone in attendance.

Article kindly provided by Kathleen Roberts



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