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19th Dec 2017 - Foundation Day Celebrations at High Heaton, Newcastle

On a very cold, snowy morning on the 12th December 2017, our small group of Mercy Associates gathered in the convent in Parkhead Road to celebrate Foundation Day, and give thanks to our foundress for the legacy she has left us....THE ORDER OF THE SISTERS OF MERCY.

Father Michael celebrating mass

Our day commenced with an inspirational mass in the chapel, celebrated by Father Michael Stephens .

Father Michael celebrating mass.

We continued celebrating the Venerable Catherine McAuley's gift to the world — the foundation of the order —with a festive lunch at the Vermont Hotel in the city centre .A wonderful meal with the Tyne bridge as the backdrop, a marvellous celebration.

Grateful thanks to Sister M.Bernard for her kindness.

Group photo .... where’s Eileen Malone?

Here’s Eileen, she went to check on the Taxi !

Article kindly provided by Monica Mills



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