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19th Nov 2018 - Bow Mercy Associates are 'alive and active' !

Greetings from Bow. We are very much alive and active. We celebrated Our Lady of Mercy on the 22nd of September at Hilsea Street Hackney at the invitation of Sr Mary. Sr Bernadette was also able to join the group which was a real joy for us.

We started with prayer and sharing around the theme of Mercy and Catherine and her beginnings with her then associates. Sr.Mary affirmed the group on their faithfulness and how we have carried on once Sr Bernadette and Marie left with the closure of house in Bow.

The associates came together 20 years ago with Sr Joanne (R.I.P.) and Sr Marie

The group continue to meet and are active in recruiting new members. We had two new people who came to this meeting.

We finished our meeting over a nice cup of tea where there was plenty of laughter.

God Bless

Theresa Talian

Bow Mercy Associates



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