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21st Feb 2020 - Re-Commission Night in Stechford

New Associates Ellen and Tricia with Sisters Maureen and Maura

Re-Commission Night in Stechford.

In February we come to meet,

With all our Mercy friends to greet.

Our special night when we renew,

Our yearly hopes for what we do.

We bring our candles which we light,

To help us all to then unite.

In prayers and thoughts of those who've passed,

Their memories will forever last.

In Catherine's steps to tread we'll try,

Her Mercy works to live life by.

We ask our God to bless us all,

To help us live our Mercy call.

Associates new, their promise say,

So prayerful on their special day,

To join a family so worldwide,

Will fill their hearts with joy and pride.

Our Sisters dear renew their call,

With thanks and blessings from us all.

They're here to help the whole year through,

Show love and mercy in all they do.

With hymns and prayers we join to sing,

Our celebration to an end we bring.

With Catherine's words we all agree,

To have a 'lovely cup of tea'.

Article kindly provided by Mary Moyles

Stechford Associate

Our Prayer Focus with Mercy Candles



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