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25th Mar 2019 - Mercy Associates in Filey

Mercy Associates in Filey meet once a month at the Convent.

January’s meeting took place at the Convent on the 29th. It was a grey, overcast day but inside was warm and welcoming. Sr. Zita led us through a meditation on the New Year and introduced the “Presentation” of Our Lord in the Temple.

We reflected on how Our Lady must have felt holding her beautiful little boy but being told there would be sorrows for Him later on. We said a Hail Mary for those whom we knew who were going through a difficult time and needed our prayers.

Each of us were given a tea-light to hold. This was lit and after a few minutes they were all placed on a plate in front of the bright daffodils at the front of the room. Exposition followed in the Chapel with a time of silence. Then Evening Prayer of Our Lady was said with Sr. Helen playing for us.

A raffle was held with the proceeds going towards Aid to the Church in Need. In true Mercy style “a good cup of Tea” was enjoyed with homemade Coconut cake, scones, jam and some fruit loaf. Sr. Anne joined us for tea.

A lovely afternoon of friendship, fellowship and joy.



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