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25th Nov 2021 - Eileen Malone ~ A Tribute

A few days ago we heard the sad news that dear Eileen Malone, a stalwart of the Mercy Associates and Editor for many years of the Mercy Associates magazine had died on the 13th of November in hospital, in Newcastle upon Tyne. Eileen was 93 years old. Here are a few memories of Eileen's involvement in the Mercy Associates and a few kind words sent in by other Groups around the country...

Eileen opens the Conference

"We are all very sad of Eileen's death. May she rest in peace. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all".

Florence and Croydon Mercy Associates.

"We are all so sad to hear the news of Eileen's passing, we will remember her and the Heaton Mercy Associates in our prayers🙏"

North Shields Mercy Associates

"So sad to hear this, my husband Dave Ham was co founder with me Valerie Ham of CANVEY ISLAND Mercy Associates with Sr. Agnes Gleason. Dave died on 7th Sept 2021 after a long battle with cancer . May they R.I.P

Canvey Island Mercy Associates

Sr. Josephine, Eileen and Sr. Betty in Coolock gardens at the end of the celebration for Venerable Catherine.



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