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7th Apr 2023 - Sr. Lucy visits Whitstable (Updated)

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

On the 13th of March I had an enjoyable visit with the Mercy Associates in Whitstable. These Associates have been and are very generous in helping the home and overseas mission. They generously supported and are willing to support the mission where I worked - the Mercy Community Centre Kiptere Kenya.

The group raised funds previously by having a Lunch Club which they managed for many years but due to age and infirmity this had to be discontinued. Then they came up with the brilliant idea of having Afternoon Tea every Wednesday where they serve their home - make cakes biscuits etc,. This event gives great joy to many elderly people who might not otherwise leave their homes.

It was good to join them for a cup of tea and Marian's homemade biscuits before they held their monthly meeting. I was impressed by the manner in which they conducted the meeting.

They followed the usual procedure for a meeting. Under AOB I heard that they found Sr Assumpta's recent Reflection helpful and appreciated Sr Bride's keeping in touch. The chairlady gave a short prayerful reflection. I gave them some passages to ponder/ meditate on at their leisure.

I should mention that one member Lesley was absent from the meeting through illness. She is, like each one of the Mercy Associates hardworking energetic and generous. There were three volunteers at the meeting. They are indeed every bit Mercy Associates; they were friendly, hospitable and generous and so willing to help though have yet to be enrolled!

I unfortunately was unable to stay to the end of the meeting. I thanked these great Mercy Associates for a pleasant, joyful few hours. It was a refreshing experience and I left with a new sense of hope.

Thank you Whitstable Mercy Associates !

Sr. Lucy



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