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27th Nov 2017 - Oldham Mercy Associates Commitment and Renewal Ceremony

On Sunday the 19th of November, Mercy Associates from Oldham met at Werneth Convent for a Commitment and Renewal Ceremony. Here are some of the thoughts of those that attended a most enjoyable day.

'It was an enrichment to see the group of Associates and affirms us on the way forward.'

'I felt very much at ease and also felt a presence very like the grotto in Lourdes.'

'Beautiful and peaceful.'

'Lovely to spend time with friends.'

'As always really lovely.'

'Being in the procession with the cup and saucer.'

'A wonderful afternoon and such a joyous occasion, including a very thought provoking reflection from Sr. Bridie.'

'Happy memories of my own commitment, I cannot remember how many years ago but I was one of the first Mercy Associates at Werneth convent.'

'Fantastic, so glad I asked my friend Marie to come along to the MA meetings and so glad she said yes.'

'Today's been a lovely and very special day.'

'Very special to renew our commitments to the MA even after our first commitment. Praise God.'

'So blessed to be a part of the community of the SOM and MA in this special place and to have our commitment service in our beautiful chapel, and thank you to Sr. Bridie and Sr. Betty for a deeply spiritual time today.'

Article kindly provided by Bernie Pinder



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