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2nd Oct 2023 - A Mercy Day Celebration at Coolock

Mercy Day Celebration

On the 27th September the Mercy Associates from Coolock held their Mercy Day celebration. 33 associates attended.

The main focus was a picture of Our Lady of Mercy. Barbara Mercier gave the following explanation of the picture. The original of this painting hangs in the Mercy International centre in Baggot Street Dublin. It was blessed by Pope Leo XII in 1894 and presented to the Sisters of Mercy as their Emblem.

This copy of the picture here was framed by Sr. Betty when she worked in Hornsey, it was for the 150th anniversary of the sisters in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 2005. Bernard Byrne, a Mercy Associate from Coolock presented the picture at the 175th Anniversary Mass in Westminster Cathedral. He was dressed as Pope Leo XII in the pageant.

The focus also showed a banner depicting the Mercy Associate badge. Sr. Bridie explained the meaning of the Mercy Associate badge to the new associates. The badge shows the cross without the figure of Christ as we are Christ body today and the hands reminding us we are his hands.

The group then had a short time to relax and prepare for prayer. We followed the prayer sheet given by Sr Annette and various members of the group shared the readings.

When we finished our prayer we made our way to the dining room for a good cup of tea and a slice of the beautiful cake made by Christine, one of our new associates.

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