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30th Oct 2023 - Coolock Associates shared their love of the Rosary

On the 25th of October, Coolock Associates joined together to share their love of the Rosary.

Barbara Mercer introduced the prayer with a reflection on the Rosary as a sword. "Have your Rosary in your pocket and have it easy to take hold of, in times of trouble just as the soldier grabs his sword" she said.

Brid and Maurice Regan shared their collectimn of rosary beads, including one from Fatima, one from Lourdes and one from a friend, a Mercy Associate who has died. They even had one with the Luminous mysteries from Medugorje.

Sr. Bridie and Maurice both had their mother’s rosaries which by coincidence were both were the same.

The Venerable Catherine McAuley had rosary beads in her hand when she died and it had the 15 mysteries on it. The Focus had a display of different Rosary beads. A single decade, a rosary ring, and the rosary of Our Lady of Sorrows. The Venerable Catherine said the Sisters of Mercy should say the Rosary daily.

After the sharing the group prayer, the "Hail Mary" prayer sheet sent out by Sr Annette was given to all.

It was a most joyous occasion.



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