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31st July 2019 - News from Maryland, St. Albans

It has been an eventful time for we Mercy Associates in St.Albans.

We were delighted to welcome a new Associate to our group at our meeting on the 13th March when Stella was commissioned by Sr.Maura Halpin. We also each renewed our commitment as Mercy Associates and Sr.Maura renewed her vows as a Mercy Sister. It was a very special evening and we remain grateful for the support our group is given by Sr.Maura and Sr.Margaret Jones.

In June we were delighted to pay a visit to Clacton to meet up with the Sisters who were at the convent in Maryland. Sadly due to ill health and other commitments, only three of us were able to make it but we were delighted that Sr.Maura Halpin was able to join us and four ex members of the Maryland care staff came as well.

As always we received a very warm welcome from everyone and, atSr.Moira Keane’s kind invitation we enjoyed a superb lunch with the residents. We had numerous ‘comfortable cups of tea throughout the day too.

Sr Moira and Sr.Maura provided us with a very interesting talk and period of reflection after lunch – we learnt a little more about the work of the Sisters of Mercy



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