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9th Sept 2019 - An Invitation to Attend...

This is a call out to all Sisters of Mercy who have a link to Blessed Philip Howard School in Hatfield, Hertfordshire. Sue Gajjar writes...

"I am writing to you as Assistant Headteacher of St Philip Howard Catholic School in Hatfield, Herts. The school was previously known as Blessed Philip Howard and was started by the Sisters of Mercy in 1959.

Our 60th Anniversary falls this year and we would like to warmly invite any sisters who have had past association with our school, to the celebrations.

I would be grateful if you could let me know any contact details for these sisters.

Kind regards,

Sue Gajjar"

If anyone wishes to contact Sue, you can email her at

or contact the school directly on 01707 263969

or by clicking this link here...



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