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9th Mar 2023 - A Lenten Meeting at Coolock

The group met on Ash Wednesday, 22nd February. 33 were able to come. 10 were absent through illness.

The theme of the prayer was Lent. Sr Betty prepared the focus which was a large wooden cross with a drape of purple material at the base. Radiating out from the base of the cross were 5 scrolls on which were written names for Christ. Merciful Redeemer, Heart of my heart, You O Beloved, O comforter, Loving Companion Presence. 2 baskets of small stones were also placed at the base, a copy of the scriptures, and a small statue of Christ in the garden of olives.

The stones were used as part of a ritual on our heart. The basket of stones was passed round the group and each Associate took one and after reflecting placed it in the sacred space.

Venerable Catherine's Maxims on the Cross were also shared. "The order was built on the Cross there to serve a crucified redeemer" was the one most recalled.

Many of the group are members of Holy Trinity choir so the singing of the hymn "God forgave my sin in Jesus’ name" was sung with gusto.

The prayer ended with Catherine's Suscipe.



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