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13th Dec 2018 - Santa Visits Coolock

Coolock Associates Advent Meeting

On Wednesday 5th December Coolock Associates met at 2 pm, with a second group meeting later in the day at 6:30 pm.

A group from Norton group and the group from Golborne who were on retreat at Coolock also joined them for prayer. The group were reflecting on the scripture characters connected with the advent story.

During the meeting one character, Saint Joseph was used for reflection. After a scripture reading one of the associates carried in a statue of Saint Joseph and placed him in the focus. An associate read a reflection St. Joseph was talking to the group. He was telling his story about his doubts, his anger, his hurt, and how he coped with the difficulties of life, the storm and the peaceful times. The group then had time to compare their lives to Saint Joseph and share.

Another statue of Saint Joseph was also in the focus, sleeping Saint Joseph. This statue is much loved by Pope Frances, when he has a problem with the Church he writes a note to Saint Joseph and puts it under his pillow so he can work it out during his sleep. Many of the associates put notes under saint Joseph’s pillow and we pray he is working them out.



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