Prayer Room

Faith and Prayer is central to a life of dedication to Mercy and is at the heart of everything the Sisters do. If you have a prayer request please send it to us by filling in the form on the Contact Us page

In this space let us relax in the presence of our God and in communion with the whole of creation offer our prayers of praise, thanksgiving, repentance and petition.

As the conscious, aware, thinking and choosing dimension of this universe we bring before you, O gracious God its joys and celebrations its needs, its sorrows and anguish, trusting in your love and mercy to make all things new.


12th Oct 2019 - We ask your prayers for Mercy Associate Nancy Ayley who died on the Feast of Our Lady of Mercy 2019. Eternal rest grant unto her O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon her. May she rest in peace. 

27th Aug 2019 - Monica Mills asks that you please pray for her cousin Margaret who is having treatment for brain tumours. 


31st July 2019 - Of your charity please pray for the repose of the soul of Margaret who died whilst on pilgrimage in Lourdes. She will be greatly missed by all her family, friends and fellow Mercy Associates. Eternal rest grant unto her O Lord.

27th July 2019 - Your prayers are requested for Margaret, a Mercy Associate from Coolock was travelling to Lourdes when she suffered a massive stroke.  Your prayers are also requested for her husband Noel and their sons.


25th July 2019 - Please pray for the family of Joy a very good friend of Sister Betty who died last night. Joy was in teacher training college with sister and they have been in contact every Christmas. Her daughter called Sister Betty earlier this morning. Joy wrote to Sister last Friday asking for prayers and saying she was not well. Eternal rest grant unto her O Lord.

4th March 2019 - Tommy and Monica ask for your continued prayers for their nephew who broke his back in a motor accident in August. He is now in Stoke Mandeville Hospital for intense therapy to prepare him for life in a wheelchair.


21st Jan 2019 - Sr. Mary Gorman asks for your prayers for Michael and Patsey. Patsey was an Associate and has been ill for a long time.​

27th Nov 2018 - Tommy and Monica Mills (High Heaton Mercy Associates), ask for your prayers please for Jennifer aged 26, (who was a youth mercy associate for 10 years) and who has had to have  an operation for cancer and will now have to be closely monitored every 3 months for the next 5 years.

19th Nov 2018 - Sr. Mary Gorman asks for your prayers for the deceased in this, the month of Holy Souls and in particular for Kathy who died recently and Veronica who died a few months back. Eternal rest grant on to them O Lord...

15th Nov 2018 - Noreen Cullen kindly asks for your prayers for Agnes who is very ill and for Marie at a difficult time.

5th Oct 2018 - Sister Bridie Stephens asks for the following prayers... For Kathleen who has a broken wrist, for Mary who suffered a broken hip and cracked ribs following a fall down stairs and for Oliver.

18th Sept 2018 - Tommy and Monica ask for your prayers please, for their nephew, who has been involved in an horrific car crash following a tyre blowout and is in intensive care in London.

16th Sept 2018 - May Raughter asks for your prayers  for Georgina and Sheila.

27th Aug 2018 - Tommy and Monica ask for your prayers please for a friend of theirs, who is going through yet more treatment for cancer. It is 5 years since the cancer was originally cured, but sadly it has returned.

25th July 2018 - Sr. Angela Moroney asks that you pray for the repose of the souls of the husband of a Mercy Associate and the mother of another Mercy Associate who have recently passed away. Through the Mercy of God, may they Rest in Peace.


Your prayers are also asked for a Mercy Associates Fifth Ave and former MA Commission member who is very ill. May God comfort her in her time of sickness.


4th July 2018 - David has asked for special prayers for him next week when he has his surgery for cancer. He is 32 years old and rather scared of what lies ahead.

1st July 2018 - Sr. Bridie and Sr. Betty ask that you pray for Brid, a member of the Mercy Associates National Commission, who had a stroke last Saturday. 

17th March 2018 - Patricia Medus kindly asks if prayers could be offered up for her mother Ann Leaper who was a Mercy Associate for many years until ill health meant she was housebound. She recently suffered a stroke and has now been taken into a Hospice with just days left. Her faith was always a great comfort to her.

12th February 2018 - Sister Bridget Faulkner kindly asks that you join her in a novena to Venerable Catherine for Frances Faulkner age 61. She is suffering from cancer and has been given 8 to 10 weeks to live.


28th December 2017 - Sister Imelda Butler asks that you include in your prayers, PJ Alyward, a little boy aged 7 years who is very ill with a mysterious illness that doctors are unable to help him with. Please also remember his parents too.

30th November 2017 - Sr. Joan Breen also asks for your prayers for her nephew, a young man who is seriously ill

28th November 2017 - Sr. Joan Breen asks that you include in your prayers her brother-in-law, Frank Griffin who is very ill at the moment. 

10th October 2017 - Sr. Joan Breen asks that you include in your prayers her sister, Mary Murphy, who is diagnosed with a return of cancer.

8th October 2017 - Sister Bridie Stephens asks that you please pray for the repose of the soul of Leo Conroy who died early this morning. He had great devotion to the Rosary and said goodbye to us on the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace. Amen.

1st October 2017 - Eileen Malone asks that you kindly please pray for my great grandson Theo Malone,2 months old who has been admitted to hospital with what is suspected as brain seizures Please pray for his distraught parents Simon and Holly and his grandparents Sean and Lorna

29th September 2017 - Maurice Regan asks that Sisters and Associates include in their prayers of mercy, Angela MacAdam. Merciful Father shower on her your healing and strengthening blessings. Lord in Your Mercy.... Hear our prayer

15th September 2017 - Sr. Bridie Stephens asks you to consider in your prayers, Mr. Leo Conroy who was discharged from hospital on the 13th September. Leo is frail and needs help at home. Please pray for his safety. Thank God he is home again

21st August 2017 - Of your charity please pray for the repose of the soul of Sr. M. Rosarii who died peacefully whilst in the loving care of the Sisters of Mercy and Dominican Sisters at St. Mary's Care Home, Stone, Staffordshire on 15th August 2017 aged 86 years. Sister will be greatly missed by all her community, family, friends and was fortified with the rites of the Holy Catholic Church R.I.P on whose soul sweet Jesus have mercy.


19th August 2017 - Please pray for Leo Conroy as he is in Royal Stoke University Hospital at the moment and needs the help of our prayers. Please also pray for his son Dennis who is awaiting surgery.

12th August 2017 - Of your mercy, please pray for the repose of the soul of David Oldham, who has died in hospital.Your thoughts and prayers are also asked for his wife Margaret at this difficult time.

22nd July 2017 - Your prayers are requested for David Oldham, the husband of Margaret, who is very seriously ill in hospital. Please pray for him so that he has a speedy recovery and for Margaret herself also as she is broken-hearted and wants him home again as soon as possible.

6th July 2017 - Brendan, Sister Bridie Stephen's brother would like to offer his sincere thanks for all those who kept him in their thoughts and prayers. Brendan is now out of hospital and still has a little way to go to recover fully but is doing well. Sister Bridie would like to thanks all those who have sent her messages of support and for including her in their prayers also. She is very grateful.

20th April 2017 - The Mercy Associates that attended the second retreat day in Handsworth, Birmingham ask that you pray for Sr. Mary Horgan whose illness now requires her to have major surgery. Sister Mary was to have been the guest speaker on the day but was unable to do so. We all pray that she has a speedy recovery.

28th March 2017 - Sister Joan asks for your prayers for the repose of the soul of Mrs Agnes Rowden, an 89 year old associate in Hull who has died. Her funeral will be at  St Charles Borrowmeo Church, Jarrett Street in Hull at 12.10 pm on April 6th 2017. Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her. May she rest in peace. Amen.

20th Mar 2017 - Sr. Noreen Cullen asks that you pray for good health for Celia C. who is recovering after an operation today.

11th March 2017 - Maurice Regan asks that you join him in asking the Holy Spirit to guide the deliberations of the National Commission members as they gather in Handsworth today. Lord hear our prayer.


15th Feb 2017 - Tommy and Monica Mills ask for your prayers for Kath Ash who is embarking on chemotherapy prior to surgery for breast cancer. 

31st Jan 2017 ~ Denzil Lasrado asks that you pray for the intercession of  Catherine McAuley so that he gets admitted into the Maronite Seminary and become a Maronite Priest.

22nd June 2017 - Mark Lear asks that you pray for Sister Bridie Stephens brother Brendan, who has had a very serious accident on his farm. Bridie says that he is in hospital in intensive care. "He is a strong man and very fit so with prayers he will come out of it" Our thoughts and prayers are also with Sister Bridie herself at this difficult time.


29th May 2017 - Leo Conroy asks for us to "please pray for the wounded and deceased of Manchester. Pray also for the medical staff and all who helped in any way". 

7th May 2017 - Sister Bridie Stephens asks that you please pray for the children making First Holy Communion over the next few months and to pray for their families also at this joyous time. May God bless them all. 

30th Jan 2016 ~ Kelly Dalton Williams asks that you think of her, in your prayers as she comes to terms with the loss of her dad in Feb 2016 She asks that God gives her strength, wisdom, direction and purpose.

19th Dec 2016 ~ Tommy and Monica Mills ask you to pray for their friend Kathleen Dawson, who is to be admitted for cancer surgery on the 29th of December 2016 . Thank you in anticipation.

14th Dec 2016 - Helen Delaney asks that you pray for the repose of the soul of Mrs. Teresa Cleary (a Mercy Associate from Croydon). May she rest in peace.

14th Dec 2016 - May Barratt asks if you could please pray for Sheila Dunleavy who has breast cancer and is very poorly at the moment.

28th Nov 2016 - Bride Stephens asks that you offer a prayer in thanksgiving for a very good recovery from cancer surgery in July this year for myself and a good recovery for Sister Betty after surgery in November this year. Praise God.

3rd Nov 2016 - Eileen Malone asks that you please pray for the repose of the soul of Jim who died this morning. Remember his wife Anne and all the family who grieve the loss of a father and a husband.

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